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egenix-pyrun 1.3.1

eGenix PyRun Distribution

Latest Version: 2.2.2

eGenix PyRun combines a Python interpreter with an almost complete Python standard library into a single easy-to-use executable.

The eGenix PyRun executable does not rely on an installed version of Python, making the distribution of a Python interpreter to run based scripts and applications to Unix based systems as simple as copying a single file.

eGenix PyRun’s executable only needs 11MB, but still supports most Python application and scripts - and it can be further compressed to 3-4MB using upx, if needed.

Compared to a regular Python installation of typically 100MB on disk, eGenix PyRun is ideal for applications and scripts that need to be distributed to several target machines, client installations or customers.

It makes “installing” Python on a Unix based system as simple as copying a single file.

This software is brought to you by and distributed under the Public License 1.1.0.