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eilat-web-browser 1.5.5

QtWebKit based web browser

Keyboard driven, security and privacy focused web browser build in PyQt4’s

webkit engine.


  • simple source code, focused on promoting auditing
  • Isolation of instances for facebook, google, twitter; configurable for more sites
  • Console logging of resources actually retrieved and cookies set or attempted
  • hjkl, ^j, ^h, etc. keyboard navigation

New in 1.5.5:

  • hooks for playing videos on ‘mpv’
  • redone the log system for message clarity
  • access-key navigation (‘ñ’ or ‘;’, then one or two-letters link tag)


First install PyQt4 for Python 3 by whatever means result more appropiate; using a pyvenv is recommended. Then do pip install eilat-web-browser. Pip will not install PyQt, but will install all the other dependencies.

Quick usage notes:

  • facebook, twitter, google will be blacklisted unless they are the first URL visited on a tab (and then the tab will hold to that site only)
  • ^t creates a new tab
  • Ctrl+Space toggles the status bar
  • g starts an in-page search; escape in the search frame closes it
  • javascript is off by default; to enable one-tab-only, press q and reload with F5 or r

Read and the wiki ( for lots of details - there’s a lot of non obvious functionality that requires a bit of reading, e.g. modal keys or navigating through isolated tabs

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