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emencia-django-forum 0.3.1

A minimalistic Django forum app

Latest Version: 0.8.3


Yet another Django forum app.

  • Simple;
  • More suited for an internal team use (like a company’s extranet) than for big public communities;
  • Have categories that contains threads that contains messages;
  • Have thread watches;
  • Have thread sticky mode and announce mode;
  • i18n usage for the interface;


  • Apply rights permissions (like for admin views only);
  • Redo mail sending for thread watchs;
  • Use a lightweight RST as markup syntax in object descriptions and messages;
  • Split some template parts to overrides them without to overrides the whole templates (like for autobreadcrumb usage and to not make it a package dependancy);



Add it to your installed apps in settings :


Add its settings (in your project settings) :

from forum.settings import *

(Also you can override some of its settings, see forum.settings).

Then register autobreadcrumbs context processor in settings :


Finally mount its urls and add the autobreadcrumbs autodiscover in your main :

import autobreadcrumbs

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^forum/', include('forum.urls', namespace='forum')),

About autobreadcrumbs

If you don’t want to use it you have to choices :

  • Simply ignore it;
  • If you don’t install it, you will have to remove it from your settings and urls, then overrides all forum’s template that use its tags;
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