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emili 1.4

Mail sending Python/CLI interface using markdown or ANSI codes based content

Simple interface for sending mails. Turns input formats such as Markdown or console outputs using ANSI colors into nice dual plaintext/html messages.

Module usage

import emili

content = """
# this is a title

Read **this** is very _important_!!


    from  = "",
    to = [ "", "" ],
    bcc = [ "" ],
    subject = "About this email"
    md = content,
    attachments = [ 'onefile.pdf' ],
    config = '../',

Right now a file is required containing the configuration options for the SMTP connection in a dictionary named smtp:


Command line usage

usage: [-h] -f SENDER -s SUBJECT -t recipient [--body TEXT]
                [--bodyfile BODYFILE] [-C CONFIG.PY] [-c CC] [-b BCC]
                [-r REPLYTO] [--format FORMAT] [--style CSSFILE]
                [--template TEMPLATE] [--dump OUTPUTFILE.eml]
                [FILE [FILE ...]]

Sends an email.

positional arguments:
  FILE                  File to attach

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f SENDER, --from SENDER
                        Message sender ('From:' header)
  -s SUBJECT, --subject SUBJECT
                        Message subject ('Subject:' header)
  -t recipient, --to recipient
                        Message recipient ('To:' header) (multiple)
  --body TEXT           Message body (defaults to stdin)
  --bodyfile BODYFILE   File containing the message body (defaults to stdin)
  -C CONFIG.PY, --config CONFIG.PY
                        Python Module with smtp configuration defined.
  -c CC, --cc CC        Message copy recipient ('CC:' header) (multiple)
  -b BCC, --bcc BCC     Message hidden copy recipient ('BCC:' header)
                        (multiple), other recipients won't see this header
  -r REPLYTO, --replyto REPLYTO
                        Default address to reply at ('Reply-To:' header)
  --format FORMAT       Format for the body. 'md' takes markdown and generates
                        both html and text. 'ansi' does the same, turning ANSI
                        color codes in html or stripping them for text.
  --style CSSFILE       Style sheet for the html output, (multiple)
  --template TEMPLATE   Alternative template for the html body.
  --dump OUTPUTFILE.eml
                        Instead of sending, dump the email into a file
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