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encrypted_bigquery 1.2

Encrypted BigQuery command-line tool

ebq - command-line encrypting client that accesses BigQuery service
Copyright 2015 Google Inc.

This file includes instructions for installing and using the ebq command line
tool or client.

Installing and running ebq

1. (If you already have Python and setuptools installed, skip to step 2.)
a. Install Python 2.7 or newer.

b. Install setuptools

The linked page describes how to download and install setuptools for
your Python distribution.

2. Install ebq. There are two methods, easy_install and by manual installation:

a) easy_install

To install via easy_install, just type:
easy_install encrypted_bigquery

-- OR --

b) manual installation

1. Get encrypted_bigquery-x.y.z archive from pypi and extract contents:
tar -zxvf encrypted_bigquery-x.y.tar.gz

2. Change to the ebq directory:
cd encrypted_bigquery-x.y

3. Run the install script:
python install [--install-scripts=target_installation_directory]

Running ebq from the command line

1. Try out ebq by displaying a list of available commands. Type:

2. To display help information about a particular command, type:
target_installation_directory/ebq help command_name

Authorizing bq to access your BigQuery data

Same as with bq command line tool.

Basic ebq tutorial

A tutorial with sample data and load and query examples is available at: