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eppy 0.4.6

Scripting language for E+ idf files, and E+ output files

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.5.46

Eppy is a scripting language for E+ idf files, and E+ output files. Eppy is written in the programming language Python. As a result it takes full advantage of the rich data structure and idioms that are avaliable in python. You can programmatically navigate, search, and modify E+ idf files using eppy. The power of using a scripting language allows you to do the following:

  • Make a large number of changes in an idf file with a few lines of eppy code.
  • Use conditions and filters when making changes to an idf file
  • Make changes to multiple idf files.
  • Read data from the output files of a E+ simulation run.
  • Based to the results of a E+ simulation run, generate the input file for the next simulation run.

So what does this matter? Here are some of the things you can do with eppy:

  • Change construction for all north facing walls.
  • Change the glass type for all windows larger than 2 square meters.
  • Change the number of people in all the interior zones.
  • Change the lighting power in all south facing zones.
  • Change the efficiency and fan power of all rooftop units.
  • Find the energy use of all the models in a folder (or of models that were run after a certain date)
  • If a model is using more energy than expected, keep increasing the R-value of the roof until you get to the expected energy use.

To see the tutorial go to ../docs/generated/index.html

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