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esoreader 1.0.0

A module for parsing EnergyPlus .ESO files


A python module for reading *.eso files generated by EnergyPlus

The eso files generated by EnergyPlus contains a data dictionary, which describes the values reported by EnergyPlus. The list of values reported depends on the simulation input file, specifically the Output:Variable objects. EnergyPlus can output the same variable at different frequencies and for different “keys”, which are for instance surfaces or equipment names.

Following the data dictionary is a list of output variable values for each of the configured variable coordinates.

The output of the esoreader module is therefore a data dictionary object that contains a mapping of variable “coordinates” (grouping of reporting frequency, key and variable name) to the index used by EnergyPlus and a data object, which essentially just maps that index to the timeseries data.


import esoreader

PATH_TO_ESO = r'/Path/To/EnergyPlus/Output/eplusout.eso'
dd, data =
frequency, key, variable = dd.find_variable('Zone Ventilation Total Heat Loss Energy')[0]
idx = dd.index[frequency, key, variable]
time_series = data[idx]

License & Credit

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the file “LICENSE” in the project root for more information.

This module was developed by Daren Thomas at the assistant chair for Sustainable Architecture and Building Technologies (SuAT) at the Institute of Technology in Architecture, ETH Zürich.

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