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evoke 5.12

a simple and powerful python web framework with pythonic "evo" templating

Latest Version: 6.0

The evoke module allows you to create evoke apps, which are twisted web-server-applications which:

  • use twisted webserver (optionally proxied via apache) to serve the data
  • use mysql for data storage, and present the data to you as python objects
  • produce HTML output via evoke’s own “evo” templating

## requirements

  • python3 (tested on 3.6.2)
  • linux (should work on BSD and MacOS also - but not yet tested)
  • mysql

## caution Evoke is a stable system, which has been in production use for commercial mission-critical systems since its inception in 2001.

However, python packaging and automated install are a recent (October 2017) work in progress, and some manual configuration is currently required. (see the file )

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
evoke-5.12.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-10-13 101KB