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ewsgi 0.0.3

Generic Eventlet WSGI server built to serve Python Apps

Eventlet WSGI Server

The purpose of this repository is to provide for a general purpose eventlet server that can power just about any Application. It is my hope that is used to rapidly spin up a WSGI server which has support for many common configurations while also being performant enough to server your content without having to setup a more heavy weight web server.

This is a great tool for embedded applications where Apache and or NGINX may not be an option.


To use ewsgi simply build your application and then pass the application and the relevant configuration to the server. Everything else is handled from there on in.

For an example on how an app could look like please go here:

However, if you would like to know how to make the server work, minimally, you can simply instantiate the server and run it:

# Assuming you have a built app import it and pass it to eswgi
from ewsgi import run

# This import would be your app
import app

# Run the new application with all of the relevant configuration bits
    app_name=app.APPNAME,    # Name of your app
    load_app=app.APP,        # The prebuilt app object
    config_path=os.getcwd(), # The path to your configuration files
    loggers=[app.APPNAME]    # List of log handlers for the app
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