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example.rtsubsites_theme 0.1.0

An example theme that simply help understanding redturtle.subsites features


This is only an example Plone theme, to be used for testing in a simple way all the redturtle.subsites features.

For a complete list of the features, and for know how to configure properly Apache in front of Plone, refer to the documentation.

This is a silly Sunburst extensions with:

  • a different logo image
  • an additional image in the logo viewlet
  • a custom CSS (that make all more gray)
  • a custom JavaScript (that display “Welcome To The demo”)
  • a customized main_template where the footer has been removed

Example details

Let say that you have a Plone site accessible through , where you didn’t applied any Plone theme (so probably Sunburst base theme).

This will be your back-end URL.

Basic Sunburst view of the main site

Accessing the Subsite

If properly configured, when you access the front-end URL, you will see the new theme with all it’s customizations.

The example theme, visiting the Subsite

You can also visit a subsite sub-sections:

The example theme, visiting a Subsite folder

If you don’t provide the optional RequestHeader

As said in the documentation, the use of the Apache RequestHeader can be optional for some themes. Here how you will see the subsite if not provided properly.

The example theme, visiting the Subsite without the proper RequestHeader

As you can see, all CMF skins customization (site logo and main_template) are lost.

A .conf Apache configuration file

Here a part of the Apache configuration file for use this theme with a subpath (

ServerAdmin ...


RewriteEngine On

SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/subsite(.*)" SUBSITE
RequestHeader append plone_skin "Example Theme for redturtle.subsites" env=SUBSITE

RewriteRule ^/subsite(.*) \
"{SERVER_NAME}:80/Plone/++skin++Example Theme for redturtle.subsites/VirtualHostRoot/subsite/$1" [L,P]
ProxyPassReverse /subsite

RewriteRule ^/(.*) \
"{SERVER_NAME}:80/Plone/VirtualHostRoot/$1" [L,P]
ProxyPassReverse /



This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.


0.1.0 (2011-07-29)

  • Initial release
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