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experimental.gracefulblobmissing 0.4.0

Patch for Plone. Don't raise errors for file contents with missing BLOB file

How to use

The BLOB support in Plone is amazing for a lot of reasons.

However, right now, Plone will raise errors when you visit a file content that use BLOB support, without having also the BLOB file.

I don’t know if this is good or not (I opened an issue related to this), but for developers this can be a little boring. It’s quite common to copy a production Data.fs for developing something using production data, but you don’t always want to copy all blobs.

This product monkey-patches some points inside Plone, so visiting objects that store content in blob-Fields (like ATFile/ATImage) without its BLOB available will not show any errors to visitors. Instead a file only containing the string “File created by experimental.gracefulblobmissing.” is created in the place where the blob-file should be.


This product also patches the SearchableText Archetypes method, so you can reindex you catalog without errors.


This product has been tested on:

  • Plone 4.0
  • Plone 4.1
  • Plone 4.2
  • Plone 4.3

For Plone 3 compatiblity, look stay on version 0.3.0 or lower.


This is designed only for development/staging environment. Do not use in production if you are not 100% sure of what you are doing!


Developed with the support of S. Anna Hospital, Ferrara; S. Anna Hospital supports the PloneGov initiative.


This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.


0.4.0 (2015-04-29)

  • modify patch to not touch every file but only create file with a string in it when it is missing [pbauer]
  • patch ZEO to create missing blob-files [pbauer]
  • add logging-message when creating a missing blog-file [pbauer]
  • fixed errors when reindexing SearchbleText index [keul]
  • Added a patch for ZODB egg that Create the blob folder path and create (touch) an empty file for each blob file if it’s missing. [sneridagh]

0.3.0 (2011-09-30)

  • fixed dependency on collective.monkeypatcher >= 1.0 [keul]
  • pached also getScale method, used by some atct views [keul]

0.2.0 (2011-06-06)

  • fixed dependencies [keul]
  • direct access to files with missing blobs now redirect to the view with a warning [keul]

0.1.0 (2010-11-19)

  • initial release
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experimental.gracefulblobmissing-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-04-29 13KB