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ezhil 0.1-dev

Python library for Tamil programming language Ezhil

Latest Version: 0.75-dev-update


Ezhil-Lang : எழில் - ஒரு தமிழ் நிரலாக்க மொழி; தமிழ் மாணவர்களுக்கு இது முதன் முரை கணிப்பொரி நிரல் ஏழுதுவதர்கு உதவும் (Ezhil, is a fun Tamil programming language for K-12) Exprs is a procedural language with dynamic types, like Ruby/Python. Exprs has a pascal-like syntax, with for-end, while-end, if-elseif-else-end statements, break, continue and def-end for defining functions.

This language is implemented in a handwritten scanner and parser using the Python programming language in about 1500LOC.

If you would like to tryout the code, all you need is a python interpreter, and the code from

Interesting features include support for recursion, and an interactive interpreter, if only skeletal.


Currently Ezhil language is under development, and a little rough around the edges. You may still try it out, by going to the git source repository,

$ cd ./ezhil-lang/

and then typing,

$ ./ez ./ezhil_tests/hello.n பதிப்பி “வணக்கம்!” பதிப்பி “நக்கீரண் அழைக்கிரது”

வணக்கம்! நக்கீரண் அழைக்கிரது

where you should see the output above. For usage, try,

$ ./ez usage: ./ez <filename1> ..

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