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f90nml 0.2

Fortran 90 namelist parser

Latest Version: 1.0.2

A Fortran 90 namelist parser

About f90nml

The f90nml module takes a Fortran 90 namelist file and parses it into a Python dict of namelist groups, each containing a dict of its variables. Fortran data types are converted to equivalent Python types.


To read a Fortran namelist file as a dict, use the read() method:

nml_dict =

To output a Python dict as a Fortran namelist file, use the write() method:

f90nml.write(my_nml, output_filename)

This method will abort if the output file already exists.


The read method produces an NmlDict, which behaves as a dict with case-insensitive keys, due to the case insensitivity of Fortran. This implementation is currently not a true case-insensitive dict, and is only intended to accomodate individual references and assignments.

The following namelist features are currently not supported:

  • Implicit vector assignment (v(i:j) = c)
  • Multidimensional vector assignment (v(:,:) = 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Repeated indexing (v = r*c, r*)
  • Upcast vector elements if components differ (x(i) = 1, x(j) = 2.0)
  • Escape on repeated quotes ('This doesn''t parse correctly')
  • Type character resolver (x%y = c)
  • stdin/stdout support (?, ?=)


f90nml is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Marshall Ward <>

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