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fabdeploit 0.12.2

fabric utilities for git based deployments

git Releases

fabdeploit allows you to use git for your releases while not pushing all your history to your or your customers server. It uses gitpython to manage release commits in a distinct branch which gets pushed to the server. This branch only contains release history.

Your history may then look like:

*    Commit after release (commit lives in "master")
*    Release commit gets merged back to "master"
| *  The actual release commit (living in "release/master")
| |
* |  Normal commit, it's tree is used for release commit above ("master")
| |
* |  Another normal commit ("master")
| |
* |  Another commit, that merges release back ("master")
| *  Another release commit ("release/master")
| |
* |  Another normal commit, tree used for release above ("master")
| |
| |  ...I think you should see the pattern now ;--)

As you may see release commits never have any parents except the previous release. This way your history will never be pushed directly to the server, as long as you only push the release branch. If you look at the release branch (“release/master”) the history looks like:

*  The actual release commit (living in "release/master")
*  Another release commit ("release/master")

Use cases

Many, to be documented.


Still missing, this is a goal for 1.0. Please feel free to look at the exmaple/ directory or the code itself.

Option reference (env) [LEGACY FUNCION CALLS]

For historical reasons fabdeploit allows using fabric env variables and simple function calls for using it. PLEASE USE THE CLASS BASED APPROACH INSTEAD. This is much cleaner and allows for more advanced use cases.


  • env.deploy_git_repository: Path to the local git repository
  • env.deploy_release_branch: Branch that should be released
  • env.deploy_release_author: Author for new release commit (optional)
  • env.deploy_release_message: Message used for release commit (optional)
  • env.deploy_release_tag: Tag that should be created for release commit (optional)
  • env.deploy_merge_release_back: Normally we merge the release commit back to the branch it originated from. You can turn this off (on by default)
  • env.deploy_remote_git_repository: Remote git repository path


  • env.deploy_manage_path: Path to


  • env.deploy_env_path: Path to virtualenv
  • env.deploy_env_history: Keep virtualenv in git to allow switching back to older releases. (off by default)
  • env.deploy_env_requirements: Path to requirements file (for automatic virtualenv updates)
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