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fabric-bolt 0.0.3

A web interface to fabric deployments.

Latest Version: 0.1

A web interface for fabric deployments.

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  1. Install:

    pip install fabric-bolt
  2. Initialize settings file. (To specify file location, enter as the second argument.):

    fabric-bolt init [~/.fabric-bolt/]
  3. Modify generated settings file to enter database settings.

  4. Migrate db:

    fabric-bolt syncdb --migrate
  5. Run:

    fabric-bolt runserver


If you have created a settings file at a different location than the default, you can use the –config option on any command (besides the init command) to specify the custom file path. Alternatively, you can set an env variable: FABRIC_BOLT_CONF.

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  • Dan Dietz
  • Jared Proffitt
  • Nathaniel Pardington
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