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face_scrambler 0.0.2

Python package that scrambles an elliptical section of images.

## Overview

Python package that creates scrambled versions of images of human faces.

## Installation

### 1. Install Anaconda

You need to install the scientific Python Distribution Anaconda. Go to the [official download page]( and klick on the link to download the Graphical 64-bit Installer for your system. It is important that you choose the Python 2.7 version, not 3.6, as this package is not compatible with Python 3.x. Start the downloaded Installer and follow the steps. The installation might take a while.

### 2. Get OpenCV

The package depends on the popular Computer Vision library OpenCV. Open a Terminal (Command Prompt in MS Windows) and type the following:

$ conda install -c menpo opencv

When asked, type y and Enter to confirm the installation.

### 3. Install face_scrambler

In the terminal, enter the following command:

$ pip install face_scrambler

## Usage

Open the Interface by entering the scrambler into a terminal and confirming with enter.

[more information tbd]

## Implementation Details


File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
face_scrambler-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-02-17 9KB