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fate 1.0

Browse FontAwesome Icons in your terminal


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|forthebadge| >fate is a simple CLI program which let's you browse
FontAwesome icons on your terminal. Note : Python3+ only.

Install Instructions : ``pip install fate`` or
``pip install git+``


Avilable commands :

To browse all the icons

``fate --icon``

|icon| #### To narrow down you search with FontAwesome filter tags, use
--filter or -f ``fate -filter``

|icon| #### To narrow down your search with aliases tag, use --aliases
or -a ``fate --aliases``

|icon| #### To narrow down your search with categories tag, use
--category or -c ``fate --category``

|icon| #### To echo the icon ``[name/ unicode/ html]`` hex use it with
-e or --echo #####Example : ``fate -i -e name``

.. figure:: screenshots/echo.png
:alt: icon


What's with the name ?

Well, 'F'ont'A'wesome on 'Te'rminal = "fate" :) Credits to my good
friend [@Kush](

For the icons to display properly on your system, you need to have
FontAwesome fonts installed. Grab the otf files from
`here <https:"" font-awesome=""/>`__ You will need to
install this font on your system for icons to be rendered properly.

For Windows users : - pip install would most likely fail to install
``pyyaml``, since ``PyYAML`` isn't actively maintained. You need to grab
it manaully from
`here <http:"" ~gohlke="" pythonlibs="" #pyyaml="">`__ - If you
are using ``cmd`` god bless you. Change the character map using
``chcp 65001``. Check
`here <http:"" questions="" 14109024="" how-to-make-unicode-charset-in-cmd-exe-by-default="">`__
for additional instructions.


MIT © Karan Sharma

`LICENSE included here <license>`__

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