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fatiando 0.2

Geophysical modeling and inversion

Latest Version: 0.5

Fatiando a Terra is an open-source Python package for modeling and inversion in geophysics.

For more information visit


The latest documentation is available at ReadTheDocs:

There you’ll find the install instructions, a cookbook with examples, and the API reference.

The documentation reflects the master branch on Github.

Get fatiando

You can download the stable version of Fatiando from PyPI. You’ll find more detailed explanations on the install instructions.

Source code

The source code of Fatiando is hosted on Github.

The authors

Fatiando is developed by working geophysicists. Work done here is part of some Masters and PhD projects. See a list of people involved.


Fatiando a Terra is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the BSD License. A copy of this license is provided in LICENSE.txt and at


Many of us are scientists too, so citations help justify the effort that goes into building Fatiando. If you use Fatiando in your research, please consider citing it in your publications.

See our CITATION file for more information. Read this if you haven’t heard of CITATION files yet. They’re the latest trend!

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