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fbcli 3.3

FogBugz command line interface.

# FogBugz Command Line Interface

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Install with:

$> python install

Run with:

fb fb –logging=debug # verbose fb –help # for more options

Get help from fb:

>>> help
>>> help <command>  # for more

Python2 is deprecated: please use Python3.

# Configuration

fbcli can make use of several environmental variables:

  • FBURL: the URL to FogBugz, e.g. https://<your_company>
  • FBUSER: your username, e.g.
  • FBTOKEN: your FogBugz API token, e.g. abcdefghilmnopqrstuvz
  • FBPASS: your FogBugz password

If you have 2-factor authentication enabled on your FogBugz account, you can’t use username/password, you must use the token.

# Tutorial

A quick video tutorial is available [here](


# Development

Run tests with:

>>> python test

Run tests for Py27, Py35 and PyPy with:

>>> pip install tox
>>> tox

# References

# Acknowledgements

Ported to Python 3 by Jason R. Coombs.

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