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fblib 0.9.5

Alternative version of Facebook Python SDK

Alternative unofficial version of Facebook Python SDK for Facebook Graph API. Based on Requests library. You can read more about the Graph API by accessing its official documentation.


Basic UserAPI usage:

from fblib.core import UserAPI
api = UserAPI(<user_access_token>)
api_user = api.get_objects('me')

Basic AppAPI usage:

from fblib.core import AppAPI
api = fblib.core.AppAPI(app_id=<application_id>, app_secret=<application_key>)
app_token = app_api.get_app_access_token()

Proper usage:

from fblib.core import UserAPI
access_token = <user_access_token>
api = UserAPI(access_token)
    api_user = api.get_objects('me')
except fblib.core.FacebookError:
    <handling exception>

Functional testing

Running tests:

python --access_token=AAACEdEose0cBANLuYDa229TKr74oI6UYZC3BTZA --app_id=390492104572701 --app_secret=5afa25cc01ea0440c340e20e2c6a8df


  • check for open issues or open a fresh issue
  • when commiting, use PEP8 and 0xCodeStyle
  • write a test which shows that the bug was fixed or that the feature works as expected
  • add yourself to AUTHORS
  • send a pull request and wait until it will be merged

Report Issues/Bugs

For library bugs:

For Facebook Graph API bugs:

Facebook Graph API QA:

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