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fedimg 0.2.0

A service that listens to the Fedmsg bus and automatically uploads built Fedora cloud images to internal and external cloud providers.

Latest Version: 1.0.1

# Fedimg

Service to automatically upload built Fedora images to internal and external cloud providers.

## License


## Documentation

Official Fedimg documentation can be [found at RTFD]( This readme contains at least the basic information needed to set up Fedimg.

### Requirements

Besides the requirements listed in by install_requires is the koji module. Koji is not available on PyPI. You must install the koji package to your system via sudo yum install koji before creating a virtualenv for fedimg, which you should do with mkvirtualenv [name] –system-site-packages so that your system install of koji is included with your virtualenv.

### Installation

Besides installing fedimg or before running python {develop/install}, you must copy fedmsg.d/ to /etc/fedmsg.d/ in order for the consumer to properly listen in on the fedmsg bus as fedmsg-hub (currently installed separately) runs. You should also make sure that fedmsg-relay is installed with yum and started with sudo systemctl start fedmsg-relay so that Fedimg can emit its own fedmsgs.

### Providers

We hope to simultaneously upload our cloud images to a variety of internal and external spaces. Currently, the code supports Amazon EC2. Work has begun toward supporting Rackspace, GCE, and HP. We’re currently waiting on some legal developments to determine what sort of account and access we’ll have to these providers.

## Contributors

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