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feeder 0.4.3

Data Feeder using different transports

feeder generates events/logs using a specified formatter and sends them using the specified transport. It can also generate fake data using fake-factory.

Quick Start

Quick Start


feeder Documentation


pip install feeder
# or, for dev:
pip install

Usage Examples

see feeder config and advanced config to configure your transports and formatters.

# this will assume in the cwd and assume default for each option
mouth feed
# or.. you can specify whatever you want in the cli..
mouth feed -c /my/config/file/ -t AMQP -f Json -g 0.001 -m 100000000
mouth feed -t UDP -f Custom -g 0.00001 -m 102831028
# you can also send in batches
mouth feed -t UDP -f Custom -g 0.01 -m 102831028 -b 1000
# and even use some common formatters like apache's..
mouth feed -t Stream -f ApacheError
# print fake data types that you can use in the config...
mouth list fake
# print a list of available transports
mouth list transports
# print a list of available formatters
mouth list formatters


A vagrantfile is provided: It will load a machine and install feeder on it in a virtualenv so that you can experiment with it. For a machine containing feeder, ELK and RabbitMQ see the elk-workshop repo.

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