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feedstail 0.4.1

A tail-f-like utility for feeds


Feedstail is a tail-f-like utility for feeds. It monitor a feed and emits new entries.
Feedstail aim to be simple, hackable and compatible with rsstail_ its C brother.

.. _rsstail :


Feedstail is released under the terms of the `GNU General Public License v3`_ or later.

.. _GNU General Public License v3 :

Get started

Use pip to install feedstail the easy way:


  $ pip install feedstail

Or retrieve the project with git and install it:


  $ git clone git://
  $ cd feedstail
  $ python install

Then, launch feedstail with the ``_ feeds to test it:


  $ feedstail -u

.. :


By default, feedstail will checkout the feeds every 15 minutes. If you
want to customize this interval you can use the ``i`` option.
The following example will retrieve feeds every 5 seconds:


  $ feedstail -u -i 5

The default output format may not be ok for you. You can specify your
own format using the ``f`` option. The given fields must be an
available property of the feed entries.
The following example will output the published date, the title and the link:


  $ feedstail -u -f "{published}: {title} - {link}"

This last example use the string formatting syntax appeared in the 2.6
version of Python.
However, feedstail aim to be 2.5 compatible so you can use the old
string formatting syntax:


  $ feedstail -u -f "%(published)s: %(title)s - %(link)s"

Feedstail compares the ``id`` element to find new entries. You can
choose another element of comparison with the ``k`` option.
The following example says to feedstail to use the title to find new


  $ feedstail -u -i 2 -k title

As feedstail is built above `feedparser`_, the available values of
format fields and keys can be found in `the documentation of the library`_.

.. _`feedparser` :
.. _`the documentation of the library` :

Contribute !

  - Fork the project: `git://`_
  - Create your patch in a topic branch
  - Send pull requests or send your patches via e-mail

Don't forget to mark your commits by one of the following flag:

  - [enh]: Your commit add a notable enhancement, a new feature for instance
  - [fix]: Your commit is a bugfix
  - [doc]: Your commit improve the documentation
  - [mod]: Your commit bring general changes, matching neither of the above, like refactoring

.. _`git://` : git://
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