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figaro 0.1

Production cloud deployments of fig infrastructure with docker

Figaro alows to deploy your fig infrastructure to remote servers. Also it provides all the services needed for hosting production apps.

NB! Figaro is currently in concept stage, so documentation for future components is only thing that exist now.

Features: - define your app config through Dockerfile and fig.yml - easy deploy through git push - pushing several versions of app (dev, staging, prod … etc) - simple nginx based balancer - easy switch balancer endpoint between app versions (ex swap prod and dev) - persistent storage for containers - easy copying persistence storage between containers (prod -> staging, etc) - ftp access for container persistence storage


Nb! there is no code that implements things described in tutorial yet.

Configure your project to run with fig.yml.

$ figaro use $ figaro init myapp

That is equivalent to:

$ ssh ubuntu$ git init –bare myapp

now push code:

$ git push staging

rewiev deployed app versions:

$ figaro apps

myapp: - staging

$ figaro balancer

no balancer installed on

$ figaro balancer install

$ figaro balancer myapp@localhost/staging/web:5000 $ figaro balancer disable

Working with storage:

$ figaro storage copy myapp@localhost/staging/web/mysql myapp@localhost/prod/web/mysql $ figaro storage snapshot myapp@localhost/staging/web/mysql s3://some/bucket#v1.2.3 $ figaro storage restore s3://some/bucket#v1.2.3 myapp@localhost/staging/web/mysql

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