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file2dna 0.1

A script o encode/decode arbitrary computer files into DNA sequences.

Latest Version: 0.4

[![Code Health](](

This is a python script to encode/decode arbitrary computer files into DNA sequences. It is a straight implementation of a method published in [this][1] Nature’s paper. The details of the method can be found in the [Supplementary Information][2] report. The source code organization follows the article steps and nomenclature, so it should be easy to understand.

How to use

The script accepts four types of operations passed as arguments together with the file name:

./ <arg> <inputfile>

The following arguments are accepted: * -e: encode <inputfile> and save as <inputfile>.dna * -d: decode <inputfile(.dna)> and save as <inputfile>.decoded * -s: encode <inputfile> splitting into various DNA segments and save as <inputfile> * -j: decode <inputfile(> joining the segments and save as <inputfile>.decoded

As a example, we can decode one the [files][3] encoded by the authors of the paper:

./ -d examples/DNA_versions/wssnt10.txt.dna

To see the decoded file:

cat examples/DNA_versions/wssnt10.txt.decoded

[1]: [2]: [3]:

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  • Author: Allan Inocencio de Souza Costa
  • Keywords: dna encoding decoding file
  • License: MIT
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  • DOAP record: file2dna-0.1.xml