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filedb 0.2.3

Create a file that pretends to be a database query

Create a file that pretends to be a MongoDB collection. If you try to open the file, it will JSONify the collection and dump it back to you.


Because our enterprise database is file based, but our cloud based database isn’t.

…no really why?

Files are simpler and don’t break. The database operations we need to perform aren’t complicated and don’t require high performance. By using files there isn’t a database that can fail. There’s the added benefit that if customers want to use different types of databases for distributed systems, we can plug into any of them using a filedb (we just have to make something that dumps out JSON .


Install FUSE

Make sure you have FUSE installed.

Get mongo running

And you’ll need a collection with some data in it.

$ mongod
$ mongo
> use test
> db.people.insert({"username": "greg"})
> db.people.insert({"username": "phil"})
> db.people.insert({"username": "bob"})
> db.people.insert({"username": "samantha"})

Install filedb

$ pip install filedb

Running via python

$ filedb /tmp/tutorial/mnt/ mongodb://localhost:27017/test people

Open the file

$ cat /tmp/tutorial/mnt/db
[{ "_id": "52f104a7a0fb769e0cd0d1d4", "username": "greg" }
{ "_id": "52f104a9a0fb769e0cd0d1d5", "username": "phil" }
{ "_id": "52f104aca0fb769e0cd0d1d6", "username": "bob" }
{ "_id": "52f104aea0fb769e0cd0d1d7", "username": "samantha" }]

Running as a service

Upstart job.

# install the job
$ sudo cp -R overlay/* /
# or
$ wget
$ sudo mv filedb.conf /etc/init/filedb.conf
# start the job
$ sudo start filedb
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
filedb-0.2.3-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2014-02-04 5KB
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