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firebase-token-generator 1.3.2

A utility to generate signed Firebase Authentication Tokens

Latest Version: 2.0.1

# PyFirebaseTokenGenerator

A Python library for generating JWT that can be used for authentication in a Firebase app.

## Installation

pip install firebase-token-generator

## Usage

Using the library to generate a valid, signed token:

from firebase_token_generator import create_token

SECRET = ‘<YOUR FIREBASE APP SECRET>’ custom_data = {‘auth_data’: ‘foo’, ‘other_auth_data’: ‘bar’} options = {‘admin’: True}

token = create_token(SECRET, custom_data, options)

The options argument is an optional dictionary of additional properties for the token. The list of possible options is:

  • expires - datetime or epoch time after which the token will be considered invalid
  • notBefore - datetime or epoch time before which the token will be considered invalid
  • admin - if set to True, this client will bypass security rules
  • debug - if set to True, the client will receive information about security rule execution
  • simulate - (internal-only for now) if True, Firebase will run security rules but not actually make any data changes

See the [Firebase Authentication Docs]( for more information about authentication tokens.

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