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fise.client 1.1

Apache Stanbol FISE: RESTful Python Client.

This is the Python client for Semantic Engine Apache Stanbol FISE (see also the old IKS-WIKI). Edutainment: Watch the Video by Olivier Grisel

FISE offers a RESTful API with basically three methods of interaction:

stateless interface, submit content to the fise engines and get the resulting enhancements formatted as RDF at once without storing anything on the server-side.
Upload content to the store and in a second step get the enhancements back.
access FISE as a SPARQL endpoint (W3C conform).

This API covers engines and store. Sparql queries are best done by using existing library SuRF which is installed as a dependecy with this package.

Python API


>>> from fise.client import FISE
>>> fise = FISE('http://localhost:8080/')

Use the engines:

>>> somedoc = u"This is an example text."
>>> fise.engines(somedoc)

>>> fise.engines(somedoc, format='rdfjson')

Use the store, first store content (only plain text is accepted for now):

>>> id = 'test123'
>>>[id] = payload

Next get the text back:

u"This is an example text."

Then get the metadata:


And FISE special feature: Get an HTML page about the content:



Demo Installation

If you want to try this package as is this is probably a good starting point.

Fetch the package sources and unpack them in a directory of your choice:

$ wget[VERSION].tar.gz
$ tar xzf bda.cache-[VERSION].tar.gz
$ cd bda.cache-[VERSION]

Python 2.6 or 2.7 needs to be available.

To avoid collisions with packages already installed in your pre-installed python virtualenv is used (instead of easy_install on Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install python-virtual works fine):

$ easy_install virtualenv
$ python2.6 virtualenv  --no-site-packages py

Bootstrap and run the contained buildout. This fetches FISE early adopter release and provides a start script for FISE. It installs all Python dependencies of fise.client and provides a script to run all tests and a Python shell with all packaged installed:

$ ./py/bin/python
$ ./bin/buildout

Start the FISE semantic engine.

$ ./bin/fise-instance

Now connect with a webbrower to http://localhost:8080/, the FISE web-frontend.

Running the tests shows if everything working as expected (needs a running fise-instance):

$ ./bin/tests

Start a Python shell with fise.client included:

$ ./bin/py

>>> from fise.client import FISE

Installation within existing environment

To add this package to an existing environment do:

$ easy_install fise.client

Or if your using zc.buildout add a line to the eggs in your buildout.cfg and re-run buildout:

eggs =

Or if your’e writing an own python-package add it to the install_requires section.



  • make it work with restkit 3.2.3 [jensens, 2011-06-07]


  • initial code, tests and documentation
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