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fise.plone 0.3

Stanbol FISE Semantic Engine: RESTful Plone Integration.

This is the Plone integration of the Semantic Engine Apache Stanbol FISE (see also the old IKS-WIKI).

This package is an outcome of the IKS early adopter programme. It does not aim to provide a full-fledged FISE integration in Plone. It’s meant as a minimal example implementation and focal point for future work.

Current features:

  • it provides a GenericSetup install step FISE Plone Integration.
  • it expects a FISE server running at http://localhost:8080. This is hardcoded for now.
  • it passes the SearchableText of any Plone content to FISE. It depends on the Plone configuration whats content is passed to FISE.
  • a view available as a document-action fetches the raw enhancement metadata and shows it in Plone.


In a Plone buildout add the a line with fise.plone to your instances eggs and zcml`.

Run buildout.

(Re)start Zope/Plone.

In Configuration -> Addons: Install FISE Plone Integration.



  • basic formatting of output and update to store enhancements local. - jensens, 2011-06-07


  • make fise server configureable through portal_properties. See propertiestool.xml in the profile for details. - jensens, 2011-01-26


  • initial code, tests and documentation
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fise.plone-0.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-06-07 5KB