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fit 0.4.1

FIT file I/O

The Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer (FIT) protocol is a format designed specifically for the storing and sharing of data that originates from sport, fitness and health devices. It is specifically designed to be compact, interoperable and extensible. This document will describe the FIT file structure and interpretation.

The FIT protocol defines a set of data storage templates (FIT messages) that can be used to store information such as user profiles and activity data in files. Any FIT-compliant device can interpret a FIT file from any other FIT-compliant device.


from fit import FitFile
from fit.files.activity import ActivityFile
from fit.messages.common import FileCreator

fin ="path/to/")
for msg in fin:
    print msg

with"path/to/", mode="w") as fout:

fnew = ActivityFile.create("path/to/")


  • Component fields
  • Accumulatable fields
  • Tests (you can submit me some cool examples)
  • Entry Points for external extensions
  • Convertable types
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