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five9 0.0.3b125

This library allows for you to integrate with Five9 Cloud Contact Center using Python.

Latest Version: 0.0.3b192

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Python Five9

This library allows you to interact with the Five9 Settings and Statistics Web
Services using Python.

* `Read The API Documentation <https:"" python-five9="">`_


Installation is easiest using Pip and PyPi::

pip install five9

If you would like to contribute, or prefer Git::

git clone
cd python-five9
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install .



.. code-block:: python

from five9 import Five9

client = Five9('user', 'password')

Configuration Web Services


* `Five9 <http:"" assets="" files="" for_customers="" documentation="" apis="" config-webservices-api-reference-guide.pdf="">`_
* `API Docs <https:"" python-five9="" adminwebservice.html="">`_

Example - Get All Skills:

.. code-block:: python

# Returns
'description': None,
'id': 266184L,
'messageOfTheDay': None,
'name': 'TestSkill',
'routeVoiceMails': False

Example - Create a contact field to track modified time:

.. code-block:: python

'name': 'modified_at',
'displayAs': 'Invisible',
'mapTo': 'LastModifiedDateTime',
'type': 'DATE_TIME',
'system': True,

Example - Search for a contact by first and last name and get a list of ``dict``s
representing the result:

.. code-block:: python

criteria = client.create_criteria({
'first_name': 'Test',
'last_name': 'User',
result = client.configuration.getContactRecords(criteria)
# The above result is basically unusable. Parse into a list of dicts::
client.parse_records(result['fields'], result['records'])

Example - Update a contact using their first and last name as the search keys:

.. code-block:: python

contact = {
'first_name': 'Test',
'last_name': 'User',
'city': 'Las Vegas',
'state': 'NV',
'number1': '1234567890',
mapping = client.create_mapping(contact, keys=['first_name', 'last_name'])
record={'fields': mapping['fields']},
'fieldsMapping': mapping['field_mappings'],
'skipHeaderLine': True,
'crmAddMode': 'DONT_ADD',
'crmUpdateMode': 'UPDATE_SOLE_MATCHES',

Statistics Web Services


* `Five9 <http:"" assets="" files="" for_customers="" documentation="" apis="" statistics-webservices-api-reference-guide.pdf="">`_
* `API Docs <https:"" python-five9="" supervisorwebservice.html="">`_

A supervisor session is required in order to perform most actions provided in the
Supervisor Web Service. Due to this, a session is implicitly created before the
supervisor is used.

The session is created with the following defaults. You can change the parameters
by changing the proper instance variable on the `Five9` object:

| Five9 Parameter | Instance Variable | Default |
| `forceLogoutSession` | `force_logout_session` | `True` |
| `rollingPeriod` | `rolling_period` | `Minutes30` |
| `statisticsRange` | `statistics_range` | `CurrentWeek` |
| `shiftStart` | `shift_start_hour` | `8` |
| `timeZone` | `time_zone_offset` | `-7` |

Example Use:

.. code-block:: python

# Setup a session - required for most things
# Returns
'mobileLimit': 0L,
'mobileLoggedin': 0L,
'supervisorLimit': 1L,
'supervisorsLoggedin': 1L

Known Issues / Roadmap

* The supervisor session options should be represented in a class and documented,
instead of the mostly undocumented free-form dictionary mapped to instance



* LasLabs: `Icon <https:"" projects="" tem="" repos="" odoo-module_template="" browse="" module_name="" static="" description="" icon.svg?raw="">`_.


* Dave Lasley <>


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This module is maintained by LasLabs Inc.

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