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flake8-SQL 0.2.0

Flake8 plugin that checks SQL code against opinionated style rules

Flake8-SQL is a flake8 plugin that looks for SQL queries and checks then against an opinionated style. This style mostly follows SQL Style Guide, but differ in the two following ways. Firstly alignement should be with the INTO rather than INSERT keyword, i.e.

INSERT INTO table (columns)
     VALUES (values)

Secondly JOIN should be aligned to the left of the river, i.e.

  FROM table1
  JOIN table2 ON ...


Q440 Keyword is not uppercase

All the SQL reserved keywords should be uppercase.

Q441 Name is not valid

All the non SQL keywords should be snake_case, start with a letter and not end with an _. Due to a limitation snake_case is checks ensure that the word is lowercase.

Q442 Avoid abbreviated keywords

Avoid using abbreviated keywords instead use the full length version.

Q443 Incorrect whitespace around comma

Commas should be followed by whitespace, but not preceded.

Q444 Incorrect whitespace around equals

Equals should be surrounded with whitespace.

Q445 Missing linespace between root keywords

The root keywords SELECT, FROM, INSERT, VALUES, DELETE FROM, WHERE, UPDATE, AND, OR and SET should be on separate lines (unless the entire query is on one line).

Q446 Missing newline after semicolon

Semicolons must be at the end of the line.

Q447 Root keywords should be right aligned

The root keywords SELECT, FROM, INSERT, VALUES, WHERE, UPDATE, AND, OR, JOIN and SET should be right aligned i.e.

  FROM table

Q448 subquery should be aligned to the right of the river

Any subquery should be aligned to the right of the river i.e.

  FROM table
 WHERE column IN
       (SELECT column
          FROM table)

Q449 tokens should be aligned to the right of the river

Any tokens should be aligned to the right of the river i.e

SELECT column1,
  FROM table


At times it is simpler to use a reserved keyword as an identifier than go to the effort to avoid it. To allow for this set the sql-excepted-names option to a comma separated list of these names.


String constants are sought out in the code and considered SQL if they contain select from, insert into values, update set or delete from in order. This may and is likely to lead to false positives, in which case simply add # noqa to have this plugin ignore the string.

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