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flake8-putty 0.4.0

Apply a bit of putty to flake8.

Flake8 Putty allows more control over errors reported by flake8, without adding noqa for every erroneous or undesirable error detected.

See for some of the motivation for this extension.

If you only want better noqa support, flake8-respect-noqa is a simpler extension which works only when multiprocessing is disabled.

Disabling erroneous or undesirable errors by adding noqa in the code may be undesirable for a number of reasons, including:

  • the ‘error’ appears frequently
  • the module is strictly in maintenance mode only
  • it causes a line to break the line length rule
  • the error should be ignored on only some versions or platforms



$ pip install flake8-putty

Check that flake8 finds it:

$ flake8 --version

2.4.1 (pep8: 1.5.7, flake8-putty: 0.3.2, mccabe: 0.3.1, pyflakes: 0.8.1) CPython 2.7.6 on Linux


flake8-putty is not activated unless putty-auto-ignore, putty-ignore or putty-select appear in the configuration file or command line options.

Auto ignore detects comments on each line like .. # flake8: disable=xxxx.

putty-ignore and putty-select both support multiline values, and each line is a rule which should have the format:

<selectors> : <modifier><codes>

The codes are flake8 codes to use when the rule is matched. The only modifier is + which appends the codes to the list of codes from other rules.

Selectors may contain one or more of: - file patterns - line regexes - flake8 codes

When multiple file pattern selectors are used, only one of the file patterns needs to match the filename. Likewise only one of many regex and only one of many codes needs to be matched.

However when different types of selectors are combined in one rule, each type of selector must be matched.

e.g. when two filenames and two regex are used, at least one filename and one regex must match before the rule is activated.

All matching rules are processed.


Disable only D102 on

putty-ignore = : D102

Disable D205, D400 and D401 for __init__ methods:

putty-ignore =
/__init__/ : +D205,D400,D401

Disable T001 only when it is explicitly mentioned

putty-ignore =
/# !qa:.*T001/ : +T001

Disable any code that is explicitly mentioned

putty-ignore =
/# !qa: (?P<codes>[A-Z0-9, ])/ : +(?P<codes>)

Disable any code that occurs after # flake8: disable=

putty-auto-ignore = True
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