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flask-jade2underscore 0.1

A small Flask extension adds suppot to Jade2Underscore templates compiler (used in Backbone) to Flask.


A small Flask extension that makes it easy to use Jade to Underscore templates compiler (used in Backbone) with your Flask application.


You can activate it by calling the ``jade2underscore`` function with your Flask app as a parameter:

from flaskext.jade2underscore import jade2underscore
jade2underscore(app, underscore_folder='underscore', jade_folder='src/jade')

This will intercept the request to ``underscore_folder`` and compile de file if is necesary using the files from ``jade_folder``.

When you deploy your app you might not want to accept the overhead of checking the modification time of your ``.jade`` and ``.tpl`` files on each request. A simple way to avoid this is wrapping the jade2underscore call in an if statement:

if app.debug:
from flaskext.jade2underscore import jade2underscore

If you do this you'll be responsible for rendering the ``.jade`` files into ``.tpl`` when you deploy in non-debug mode to your production server.

- documentation_
- development_

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.. _development:  
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