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flask-mwoauth 0.1.34

Flask blueprint to connect to a MediaWiki OAuth server

Latest Version: 0.3.61

Flask blueprint to run OAuth against MediaWiki’s extension:OAuth.

The blueprint adds these uris:
  • /login - runs the OAuth handshake and returns the user to /
    • /login?next=/someurl will return the user to /someurl
  • /logout - clears the users’ access tokens
    • /logout?next=/someurl will return the user to /someurl
  • /oauth-callback - callback from MW to finish the handshake

The users’ OAuth key and secret are stored in the session.

In addition, flask-mwoauth adds a few convenience functions:
  • get_current_user(cached=True) reports who the current user is. To confirm the user is still logged in (e.g. tokens have not been revoked), call it with cached=False.
  • request(api_query) submits an request through the API, using the users’ access tokens. E.g. the current user request runs request({‘action’: ‘query’, ‘meta’: ‘userinfo’}).

An example app is implemented in

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
flask-mwoauth-0.1.34.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-21 3KB