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flask_restframework 0.0.13

Web APIs for Flask, made easy, inspired from Django DRF.

Latest Version: 0.2.1

# Django Rest Framework analog for Flask+Mongoengine

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Minimalistic and usage-easy RESTful framework for Flask. Like Django Rest Framework for Flask

This project allows you to write serializers/model serializers and REST resources easily.
This project interface was inspired by Django-rest-framework (

## Installation

For installation run:
`pip install flask_restframework`

Example of usage you can see here:

Simple example:

api = Blueprint("api", __name__)
router = DefaultRouter(api)

class LogsSerializer(ModelSerializer):
class Meta:
model = Logs

class LogsResource(DistinctValuesMixin,

serializer_class = LogsSerializer
queryset = Logs.objects.all()
distinct_fields = ["request_id", "level", "host", "logger_name"]
update_json_filter = update_json_filter #allows to filter with ?json_filters={...}
ordering = ("-@timestamp", ) #default ordering

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