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floraconcierge-client 0.7.52

FloraExpress API python client library.

Version 0.7.52

FloraConcierge is worldwide flowers delivery service. We provide api services for
building your own flowers delivery e-commerce and submit users orders into our system.

All information at

You can simple install floraconcierge api client into your django environment by adding middleware
`floraconcierge.middleware.ApiClientMiddleware` to your `MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES`.

Also you can add `floraconcierge.middleware.ApiObjectNotFound404` to your middlewares for automatic 404 pages when
api result raises ResultObjectNotFoundError.

Available settings

All settings used in middleware only, if you want manual initiation of api client object, you can do it yourself.

* `FLORACONCIERGE_API_ID` Required. Your application ID.

* `FLORACONCIERGE_API_SECRET` Required. Your application secret.

* `FLORACONCIERGE_API_INIT_ENV` Optional. You can setup custom init function for env setup. Function takes params
`client, request, restored` where client is ApiClient instance, request is django request object and restored is flag
variable indicating client env was restored from request session.

* `FLORACONCIERGE_API_INIT_CLIENT` Optional. Custom api client initiation function. By default middleware initiate
client with function `floraconcierge.middleware.initialize_apiclient`. You can se your own function. Function take
only one param `request`.

* `FLORACONCIERGE_PRODUCT_IMAGES` Optional. Can be used to customize product images urls by this dict. Generated urls added automatically to
product `urls` field. You can get product image url with `product.urls['thumb']` or in Django Template by calling
`{{ product.urls.thumb }}`. Available default sizes: default, small, middle, big, thumb_100, thumb_250, thumb_500.

* `FLORACONCIERGE_CHAT_SECRET` Optional. Secret key for chat.

Django debug toolbar panel

Also available debug panel for django.

You can add `floraconcierge.panels.FloraConciergeRequests` to django debug panels settings `DEBUG_TOOLBAR_PANELS`.

And you must add `floraconcierge` to your `INSTALLED_APPS`.

Collection methods

Now you can search throught your result collections with find/findall methods.

Request cache middleware

FloraConcierge api provides simple request lifetime cache object for caching offen queried data on page. This cache
cleares automatically every next request.

You can add `floraconcierge.middleware.RequestCacheMiddleware` to your `MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES` and get request cache
instance with function `floraconcierge.cache.get_request_cache()`.

You must inherit your cache object from `floraconcierge.cache.RequestCache` and setup it via `FLORACONCIERGE_CACHE_CLASS`.

ApiAuth authentication backend

You can add support for logging in users on your site with api by adding `floraconcierge.apiauth` to your `INSTALLED_APPS`.

After application installation to your apps, you must add `floraconcierge.apiauth.backends.FloraConciergeBackend` to

After this users will can login on your site throught floraconcierge api by standart django authentication framework.  
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