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fon 0.1

Connect easily to FON Belgacom Network


Connect easily to FON (Belgacom) Network!


pip install fon


You need to store your credentials in ~/.config/fon

username =
password = mAhPassw0rdZ

fon-connect tests if the connection is active by querying by default. To change this behavior, add url = to the end of ~/.config/fon

Use it with:


Alternatively, you can give your username, password and the test url as parameters (all are optional)

fon -u -p mAhPassw0rdZ --url=

You also con specify another path for the configuration path with -c /path/to/file

fon-connect also has a persist mode (activate it with -P or --persist) which tests the connection, reconnects if usefully, sleeps for 10 seconds and loops.

Full help :

fon -h


fon-connect is available under the MIT license.

Original code from Gatien Bovyn at

Changes made by Nikita Marchant at


  • Feel free to report bugs or submit pull request.
  • This code should work on belgian (Belgacom) FON portals. I hope it also works on other carriers portals but if not, please report and i’ll try to fix it.
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