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fontaine 1.0.9

Fontaine font tool

Latest Version: 1.1.4

pyfontaine is a python reimplementation of [Fontaine]( (by Ed Trager) which analyses fonts for language support. It has a simple character set definition format ([Polish example]( and autodetects new definition files that appear in the [charmaps]( directory.

It has a command line tool. Given a font, it returns the font's metadata found directly in the font (family name, style name, copyrights, etc) and then infers some useful metadata about its language support (coverage as 4-stars, as percentage, and a list of missing characters needed to get to 100%).

It has a python module. [Example script]( from the Font Bakery project.

pyfontaine has been made so far by @hash3g and @davelab6 and @xen, and your contributions are welcome!


To output plain text:

pyfontaine font.ttf

To output XML:

pyfontaine --xml font.ttf

To output JSON:

pyfontaine --json font.ttf

To output percent coveraging in CSV:

pyfontaine --csv font.ttf

If you want to see PNG that represent coverage implementation of font charset:

pyfontaine --coverage font.ttf

To specify only set of charmaps:

pyfontaine --set African,'Basic Latin','GWF vietnamese' font.ttf
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