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fontaine 1.2.1

Fontaine font tool

Latest Version: 1.3.10

pyfontaine analyses fonts for their language and character set support.

It has a straightforward pythonic character set definition format (simple example, medium example, complex example)

To add new definitions, just add files to the internals directory - they are autodetected!

It also downloads additional definitions from the Extensis, font-config and Unicode websites.


Install the latest release easily with the pip installer:

sudo pip install fontaine

To install the latest development version:

git clone;
cd pyfontaine;
sudo python install;


Given a font, it returns a report with some general metadata and th language support analysis:

sh pyfontaine font.ttf;

Given a unicode character value, it returns a list of character sets that include that character.:

pyfontaine 0x0061;

To output font reports in various formats:

pyfontaine --xml font.ttf;
pyfontaine --json font.ttf;
pyfontaine --csv font.ttf;
pyfontaine --wiki font.ttf;

The –wiki format produces a MediaWiki table (example <>__)

To only show character sets from different collections:

pyfontaine --collections all font.ttf; # default
pyfontaine --collections pyfontaine font.ttf;
pyfontaine --collections uniblocks font.ttf;
pyfontaine --collections extensis font.ttf;
pyfontaine --collections fontconfig font.ttf;
pyfontaine --collections cldr font.ttf;
pyfontaine --collections subsets font.ttf;

To only show specific character sets:

pyfontaine --set African,'Basic Latin','GWF vietnamese' font.ttf;

To print a list of all the missing unicode values from each set:

pyfontaine --missing font.ttf;

To output visualisations of the coverage using Hilbert curves (thanks for the idea, Øyvind ‘pippin’ Kolås!): sh pyfontaine --coverage font.ttf; ls -l coverage_pngs/; (The PNG files are stored in a new directory, coverage_pngs, under the current directory.)

Python Module

It has a python module. Here is an example script from the Font Bakery project.


Your contributions under the GPLv3 are welcome!

pyfontaine is a python reimplementation of Fontaine by Ed Trager, and has been made by by Vitaly Volkov, Dave Crossland and Mikhail Kashkin.


We would like to thank some upstream projects that make pyfontaine even more useful: * Thomas Phinney for the WebINK Character Sets * Behdad Esfabod for the font-config languages definitions * Unicode Consortium for the Unicode Blocks


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fontaine-1.2.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-09-22 3MB