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foot-fixtures 1.0.3

Utility to find schedule for a football club

Utility to find league fixtures for clubs ( currently for Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Barcelona )

Use $ pip install foot-fixtures


  1. codes : Prints club codes

    $ foot-fixtures codes

  2. -c CLUB or –club CLUB : Prints league fixtures for the CLUB

    (Use CLUB as one of LIV, ARS, CHE, RMA, or BAR)

  3. -v CLUB1 CLUB2 or –versus CLUB1 CLUB2 : Prints matches when CLUB1

    faces CLUB2 in the league

    (Use CLUB1 as LIV, ARS, CHE, RMA, or BAR)

    For example : $ foot-fixtures -v ARS EVE prints

    23.8.2014 Away

    28.2.2015 Home

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