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formica 1.2.1

Django form rendering helpers

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Rendering forms with Django can be painful and not very rewarding. There are some nice solutions arround like django-floppyforms or django-crispy-forms but you may want something a bit less complex.

Formica design is heavily based on Formulation, a very lightweight, yet powerful, solution based on template blocks. All credits should go to Curtis Maloney for this impressive and simple idea.

A simple example

Say we have a form somewhere and want to render it in a template.

from django import forms
class MyForm(forms.Form):
  email = forms.EmailField(label='Email')
  check = forms.BooleanField(label='I really love spam', required=False)

Rendering the form is as simple as:

{% load formica %}

<form method="post">
  {% form "formica/base_form.html" %}
    {% fields %}
  {% endform %}

  <p><input type="submit" value="save" /></p>

Pretty cool isn’t it? Read the documentation to learn more.

Sources & license

Formica sources are hosted on Github:

Formica is released under the FreeBSD license.

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