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foundationdb-sql 0.9.3

FoundationDB SQL Layer DBAPI Integration

foundationdb-sql a DBAPI compatibility layer for the Foundation DB SQL Layer.

The Foundation DB SQL Layer is a relational engine that uses FoundationDB as a storage engine. Its behavior and SQL syntax is similar in many ways to well known engines like Postgresql and MySQL. However, it introduces some new twists on SQL, including the ability to render “nested” result sets using plain SQL.

Foundation DB SQL Layer uses a database protocol that is compatible with Postgresql. Any DBAPI written for Postgresql can also work with the SQL Layer directly. However, foundationdb-sql provides a wrapper around the DBAPI such that the SQL layer’s “nested” result system can be used transparently, meaning any result row can contain columns which themselves contain “sub-cursors”.

So far, foundationdb-sql implements one extension module for the psycopg2 DBAPI for Postgresql. Psycopg2 is the most widely used DBAPI for Postgresql, is extremely performant and stable and supports Python 3.

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foundationdb-sql-0.9.3.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2015-02-06 7KB
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