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fourdigits.portlet.twitter 1.0a3

Twitter portlet with multi search, filter, language filter functionality and number limiter

Latest Version: 1.0rc3


fourdigits.portlet.twitter is a twitter portlet for Plone. It contains some nice features such as: - show tweets of a certain twitter user(name) - search on multiple hastags or strings (e.g. show the tweets of #plone and #zope in one portlet) - combine searched tweets and tweets based on username - filter tweets on curse words - configurable number of items to display based on the username - configurable number of items to display based on the search(es) - filter tweets by language (multiple supported, such as nl and en) - user pictures from twitter - user info from twitter - multilanguage support

Hope you like the product! heavelly based on collective.twitterportlet and a modified version of python-twitter thanks guys!


1.0a3 (2012-09-05)

  • Replace jquery.easydate.js for collective.js.moment, remove not needed javascripts from portal_javascript. [kingel]

1.0a2 (2012-08-10)

  • Make sure old portlet assignments keep working [ralphjacobs]

1.0a (2012-08-10)

  • Added support for clientside rendering using the libs from You can turn this on in the portlet settings. (note: relative dates are in dutch only at the moment) [kingel]
  • Fixed serverside caching by using a os.getpid() for generating tmp dir to avoid permission problems [ralphjacobs]


  • Adding original permission for Site Administrator [terapyon]
  • Adding test code for portlet base [terapyon]


  • Fixed missing files in 0.9 package [sjoerdve]


  • Fix invalid CSS [sjoerdve]


  • Include alt text for twitter images [ralphjacobs]


  • Made portlet backwards compatible with Plone 3 versions again [ralphjacobs]


  • Added support for Plone 4.1 [sjoerdve]
  • Fixed double name bug when tweets are searched [sjoerdve]
  • Minor code cleanup [ralphjacobs]


  • Added support for displaying twitter user profile info [ralphjacobs]
  • Fixed caching bug, fixes ticket #4 [ralphjacobs]
  • Based on new upstream python-twitter library 0.8.2 [ralphjacobs]
  • Made implemetation compatible with new upstream library [ralphjacobs]
  • Added multilanguage support [ralphjacobs] [rafahela]
  • Added dutch translations [ralphjacobs]
  • Added Portugese (Brazilian) translations [rafahela]


  • Added classes to fields in template. [robgietema]
  • Removed markup from python files [robgietema]
  • Extended matching regext for auto-link URLs [ralphjacobs]


  • Added support for retweets based on username [ralphjacobs]


  • Fix release, refactored tweet results logic [martijn4d]


  • Initial version, based on collective.twitter and python-twitter 0.7-devel for searching
  • (Multi) Language support for twitter feeds
  • Better text filter for curse words
  • Multi search support
  • User picture support
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