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fsubot 0.4.0

Base bot for developing FSU bots.

Latest Version: 0.4.1

A bot which serves as the foundation for other bots for use on the Florida State University website. It is useful for automating tasks that are otherwise very menial and tedious.

This project serves as a framework for creating bots which are designed for Florida State University websites. It handles logging into MyFSU automatically, and setting up ubiquitous attributes and functionality such as:

  1. Standard argument parsing
  2. Logging into MyFSU
  3. Web browser driver handling.

Where to Begin

Package Installation

Install the FSUBot package using pip.

$ pip install fsubot

If you receive a error 13 and/or a permission error, prefer:

$ pip install fsubot --user

rather than:

sudo pip install fsubot

Driver Installation

Download and install any driver from the following (I prefer chromedriver):

  • Chrome: chromedriver
  • Firefox: geckodriver
    • There has not been extensive testing using geckodriver, proceed with caution.

Ensure that the driver executable is located within your environment’s PATH variable. There are many readily available guides on Google for how to do this.

Bot Instantiation

If you instantiate your bot with the following:

fsu_dr = FSUBot(use_cli=True)

Then, you can pass in arguments like so:

$ python fsubot/ --fsu-id abc13 --fsu-pw hunter2 --browser chrome --executable-path drivers/chromedriver


  • Vindicta, my personal bot which automatically enrolls for desired courses.
  • EasyGradeBot, my personal bot which traverses through a list of BlackBoard Smart View pages and downloads all submitted assignment’s most recently submitted attempts.
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