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ftpbench 1.0

Benchmark for ftp servers

What is ftpbench?

It’s benchmark for load testing FTP servers.


  • login benchmark
  • upload benchmark (STOR command)
  • download benchmark (RETR command)
  • run test for multiple servers
  • auto-detection for dns round-robin records
  • save result to cvs file


From source:

$ git clone
$ cd ftpbench/
$ python install  # auto install all requires

From pypi:

$ pip install ftpbench

Standalone for ubuntu:

$ apt-get install python-gevent python-dnspython
$ git clone
$ cd ftpbench/ftpbench/
$ wget
$ wget
$ python --help



$ ftpbench --help

FTP benchmark.

    ftpbench --help
    ftpbench -h <host> -u <user> -p <password> [options] login
    ftpbench -h <host> -u <user> -p <password> [options] upload <workdir> [-s <size>]
    ftpbench -h <host> -u <user> -p <password> [options] download <workdir> [-s <size>] [--files <count>]

Connection options:
    -h <host>, --host=<host>              FTP host [default:]
                                          You can list multiple servers, separated by commas,
                                          e.g.: -h,,
                                          Auto-detection of dns round-robin records is supported.
    -u <user>, --user=<user>              FTP user
    -p <password>, --password=<password>  FTP password

Timing options:
    -t <sec>, --timeout=<sec>             Timeout for operation [default: 10]
    --maxrun=<minutes>                    Duration of benchmarking in minutes [default: 5]
    --fixevery=<sec>                      Recording period for stat values [default: 5]

Benchmark options:
    -c <count>, --concurrent=<count>      Concurrent operations [default: 10]
    --csv=<file>                          Save result to csv file
    <workdir>                             Base ftp dir to store test files
    -s <size>, --size=<size>              Size of test files in MB [default: 10]
    --files <count>                       Number of files generated for download test [default: 10]
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