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ftw.testbrowser 1.13.2

A test browser for Zope and Plone.

Latest Version: 1.29.5


Package documentation

ftw.testbrowser is a browser library for testing Plone web sites and applications. It integrations directly into Plone / Zope and uses lxml for parsing and querying pages. It supports all the basic features such as filling forms.


1.13.2 (2014-08-06)

  • Fix problems when filling forms which have checked checkedbox. [phgross]

1.13.1 (2014-07-15)

  • Fix encoding problem on binary file uploads. [jone]

1.13.0 (2014-06-12)

  • Add a Dexterity namedfile upload widget. [lgraf]

1.12.4 (2014-05-30)

  • Fix python 2.6 support. [jone]

1.12.3 (2014-05-30)

  • Fix z3cform choice collection widget to support Plone < 4.3. [jone]

1.12.2 (2014-05-29)

  • Fix z3cform choice collection widget submit value. The widget creates hidden input fields on submit. [jone]

1.12.1 (2014-05-29)

  • Fix error in z3cform choice collection widget when using paths. [jone]

1.12.0 (2014-05-29)

  • Add a z3cform choice collection widget. This is used for z3cform List fields with Choice value_type. [jone]
  • Add select field node wrapper with methods for getting available options. [jone]

1.11.4 (2014-05-22)

  • support multiple values for the same data name. The values can either be passed as a dict with lists as values or as a sequence of two-element tuples. [jone]

1.11.3 (2014-05-19)

  • Fix browser.url regression when the previous request raised an exception. [jone]

1.11.2 (2014-05-17)

  • Make NoElementFound exception message more verbose. When a .first on an empty result set raises a NoElementFound exception, the exception message now includes the original query. [jone]

1.11.1 (2014-05-17)

  • Fix browser cloning regression in autocomplete widget “query”. The cloned browser did no longer have the same headers / cookies, causing authenticated access to be no longer possible. [jone]
  • New browser.clone method for creating browser clones. [jone]
  • Update standard page objects to accept browser instace as keyword arguments. This makes it possible to use the page objects with non-standard browsers. [jone]

1.11.0 (2014-05-14)

  • New browser.base_url property, respecting the <base> tag. [jone]

  • New browser.debug method, opening the current page in your real browser. [jone]

  • New browser.on method, a lazy variant of [jone]

  • New browser.reload method, reloading the current page. [jone]

  • Improve requests library support:

    • Support choosing requests library, make Zope app setup optional. When no Zope app is set up, the requests library is set as default, otherwise mechanize.
    • Support form submitting with requests library.
    • Improve login and header support for equests library requests.
    • Add browser.cookies support for requests library requests.
    • Use requests library sessions, so that cookies and headers persist.
    • Automatically use “POST” when data is submitted.


  • Login improvements:

    • Support passing member objects to browser.login(). The users / members are still expected to hav TEST_USER_PASSWORD as password.
    • Refactor login to use the new request header methods.


  • Add request header methods for managing permanent request headers:

    • browser.append_request_header
    • browser.replace_request_header
    • browser.clear_request_header


  • Refactor Form: eliminate class methods and do not use the global browser. This improves form support when running multiple browser instances concurrently.

    • Form.field_labels (class method) is now a instance property and public API.
    • Form.find_widget_in_form (class method) is removed and replaced with Form.find_widget (instance method).
    • Form.find_field_in_form (class method) is removed and replaced Form.get_field (instance method).
    • Form.find_form_element_by_label_or_name (class method) is removed and replaced with browser.find_form_by_field.
    • Form.find_form_by_labels_or_names (class method) is removed and replaced with browser.find_form_by_fields.
    • New Form.action_url property with the full qualified action URL.
    • Fix form action URL bug when using relative paths in combination with document-style base url.


  • Fix wrapping input.label - this did only work for a part of field types. [jone]

  • Fix UnicodeDecodeError in node string representation. [mathias.leimgruber]

1.10.0 (2014-03-19)

  • Add NodeWrapper-properties:

    • innerHTML
    • normalized_innerHTML
    • outerHTML
    • normalized_outerHTML

    [jone, elioschmutz]

1.9.0 (2014-03-18)

  • Add support for filling AT MultiSelectionWidget. [jone]

1.8.0 (2014-03-04)

  • Add a context property to the browser with the current context (Plone object) of the currently viewed page. [jone]

1.7.3 (2014-02-28)

  • Fix encoding problem in factories menu page object. The problem occured when having a “Restrictions…” entry in the menu. [jone]

1.7.2 (2014-02-25)

  • Form: Support checking checkboxes without a value. Checkboxes without a value attribute are invalid but common. The default browser behavior is to fallback to the value “on”. [jone]

1.7.0 (2014-02-03)

  • ContentTreeWidget: support filling objects as values. [jone]

1.6.1 (2014-01-31)

  • Implement logout on browser, logout before each login. [jone]

1.6.0 (2014-01-29)

  • Add cookies property to the browser. [jone]

1.5.3 (2014-01-28)

  • Fix multiple wrapping on browser.forms. [jone]

1.5.2 (2014-01-17)

  • Implement archetypes datetime widget form filling. [jone]

1.5.1 (2014-01-07)

  • Fix encoding problems when posting unicode data directly with [jone]
  • Support form filling with bytestrings. [jone]
  • Fix form filling with umlauts. [jone]
  • Fix form fill for single select fields. [jone]

1.5.0 (2014-01-03)

  • Implement AT file upload widget, because the label does not work. [jone]
  • Implement file uploads. [jone]
  • Add “headers” property on the browser. [jone]

1.4.0 (2013-12-27)

  • Deprecate normalized_text method, replace it with text property. The text property is more intuitive and easier to remember. The text property has almost the same result as normalized_text, but it represents <br/> and <p> with single and double newlines respectively. text is to be the lxml text property, which contained the raw, non-recursive text of the current node and is now available as raw_text property. [jone]
  • open_html: make debugging file contain passed HTML. [jone]
  • Sequence widget: implement custom form filling with label support and validation. [jone]
  • Sequence widget: add additional properties with inputs and options. [jone]

1.3.0 (2013-12-11)

  • Implement “query” method on autocomplete widget. [jone]
  • Implement form fill for z3cform datetime widget. [jone]
  • Fix setting attributes on nodes when wrapped with NodeWrapper. [jone]
  • Implement form fill for z3cform autocomplete widgets. [jone]
  • Implement form fill for z3cform sequence widgets. [jone]
  • Add webdav method for doing WebDAV requests with a ZServer. [jone]

1.2.0 (2013-11-24)

  • Add open_html method to browser object, allowing to pass in HTML directly. [jone]

1.1.0 (2013-11-07)

  • Add dexterity page object, refactor z3cform page object. [jone]
  • Add table nodes with helpers for table testing. [jone]
  • Merging “Nodes” lists returns a new “Nodes” list, not a “list”. [jone]
  • Show containing elements in string representation of “Nodes” list. [jone]
  • Fix direct child selection with CSS (node.css(“>tag”)). [jone]
  • Add a recursive option to normalized_text. [jone]

1.0.2 (2013-10-31)

  • When normalizing whitespaces, do also replace non-breaking spaces. [jone]

1.0.1 (2013-10-31)

  • Add first_or_none property to Nodes. [jone]

1.0.0 (2013-10-28)

  • Initial implementation. [jone]
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