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fuggit 0.0.1

For managing that one annoying remote file you can't put under version control

Latest Version: 0.0.3

fuggit: for when you just can't put that one annoying file in git

You know the feeling. You're making a quick dirty hack to a file on a
remote machine that. The file isn't under version control. You want to
have the convenience of editing the file locally, *and* you want the
ability to roll back your changes. Putting the remote file under version
control is just too hard, so what do you say? fuggit.


fuggit add remote.hostname/etc/

this will grab /etc/ from the machine remote.hostname; save it
as remote.hostname/etc/ under $PWD. The file will be added and
committed to git.


fuggit pull remote.hostname/etc/

can be used to refresh your local copy of the file. Any local changes
will be preserved; any remote changes will result in a new commit.


fuggit vimdiff remote.hostname/etc/

will open a vimdiff window showing your local copy of the file and the
remote copy. Thanks to the magic of vim, any changes you make to the
remote file will be pushed to the servce once you close the file.  
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