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funkload 1.1.0

Functional and load web tester.

Latest Version: 1.17.1

FunkLoad is a functional and load web tester, written in Python, whose main use cases are:

  • Functional testing of web projects, and thus regression testing as well.
  • Performance testing: by loading the web application and monitoring your servers it helps you to pinpoint bottlenecks, giving a detailed report of performance measurement.
  • Load testing tool to expose bugs that do not surface in cursory testing, like volume testing or longevity testing.
  • Stress testing tool to overwhelm the web application resources and test the application recoverability.
  • Writing web agents by scripting any web repetitive task, like checking if a site is alive.

Main FunkLoad features are:

  • Functional test are pure Python scripts using the pyUnit framework like normal unit test. Python enable complex scenarios to handle real world applications.
  • Truly emulates a web browser (single-threaded) using Richard Jones’ webunit:
    • basic authentication support
    • cookies support
    • fetching css, javascript and images
    • emulating a browser cache
    • file upload and multipart/form-data submission
    • https support
  • Advanced test runner with many command-line options:
    • set the target server url
    • display the fetched page in real time in your browser
    • debug mode
    • green/red color mode
  • Turn a functional test into a load test: just by invoking the bench runner you can identify scalability and performance problems.
  • Detailed bench reports in ReST or HTML (and PDF via ps2pdf) containing:
    • bench configuration
    • tests, pages, requests stats and charts.
    • 5 slowest requests
    • servers cpu usage, load average, memory/swap usage and network traffic charts.
    • http error summary list
  • Easy test customization using a configuration file or command line options.
  • Easy test creation using TestMaker / maxq recorder, so you can use your web browser and produce a FunkLoad test automatically.
  • Provides web assertion helpers.
  • Provides a funkload.CPSTestCase to ease Zope and Nuxeo CPS testing.
  • Easy to use, see examples in the demo folder.
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