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fur 0.1a3

find and replace command line utility

ack is great but doesn’t replace. Scratch my itch: fur - a command line utility for searching and replacing in text files.


fur was born more or less out of the lack of a good search and replace functionality in vim that worked not just against open buffers, but across an entire file system directory.

Ack provided the basic model for searching as well as dislaying results (though my knowlege and usage of ack has been fairly limited).

Rather than just dump a listing of all the search results, I also wanted something that first displayed a summary of the number of results with the option of cancelling the call without displaying (who wants to skim through hundreds of results as the default).

For replacing I wanted 2 options:

  • the ability to view the search results with the given substitution prior to actually running the replacement.
  • the ability to select which replacements to apply (i.e. replace all, replace some, replace none)

Current Status

This is pre-alpha software.

It’s currently being used daily by the author, but is in no way production ready software.

The command line options and api are in flux, there is no documentation and unit testing is, um, well, there are none.

That said, any suggestions and/or requests are welcome.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
fur-0.1a3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2010-05-31 8KB